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Cleaning Your Pipes

Pipes are keen on the warmth and humidity of the bathroom, so it is necessary to regularly clean and disinfect all the circuits used by the wastewater: siphons and pipes but also the floor, the shower tray or the bath and shower curtain etc…

6 Tips for Cleaning Water Pipes

1 – Boiling water

Regularly pour boiling water into the water lines.

2 – Water and soda crystals

Clean the water lines with soda crystals melted in boiling water.

3 – Coffee grounds

Pour regularly into the water pipes 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds
Then pour some hot water.

4 – Ice cube with vinegar

Each month place on each evacuation of your sinks and sink, an ice cube in pure white vinegar (prepare the ice cubes beforehand!).
Melting the vinegar will remove the odors and disinfect the pipes.

5 – Pipes and pipes

Thanks to an ecological system based on micro-organisms, without acid, without soda, this discharging pipes digests all types of waste : grease, soap, paper, hair … you can unclog and clean all the water pipes.

6 – Bicarbonate and white vinegar

Remove the smell of drains by pouring in a preparation of a measure of baking soda, a measure of salt and white vinegar 2 measures.

Leave on for a quarter of an hour and then pour a liter of boiling water.

Dispose of your garbage

An often neglected thing to do is to dispose or your waste properly. What you can do is get a garbage disposal to help you out with this. See one here.


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Lake Norman Business Opportunities

The Lake Norman area of North Carolina is an awesome space.  In this article I will be going over just some of the business opportunities in this place.  You can literally start any kind of business here.  From trades to investment banking everything is covered.  But first how do you even begin?

Get it right legally

lknYou have no idea how many different businesses royally screw this up all the time.  I see it in my dayjob as an insurance broker and there are a lot of people that are just lazy and don’t bother to get the necessary paperwork done so they cut corners.  This is a fatal mistake that can kill your business.  Don’t be one of these people.  First you have to go down to the local courthouse and find out what you need.  Usually you need some kind of business licence that they will give you to apply.  Then you need all the proper insurance papers.  These are easy enough to acquire and will have you well on your way.

Good Location is Everything

The next mistake that I commonly see people make is that they pick a bad location.  If for example you are a carpet cleaner like this guy then it’s perfectly reasonable to have your business address at your home.  If you are running a larger business though then it becomes necessary to have a better office or something that at least looks like an office.

Network Always

The last point I want to leave is that you must never stop networking.  This is something that is so simple but people still manage to screw it up.  All you have to do to triple your business is literally just get yourself out there.

That’s it for today guys, take these tips and take action!

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Five Tips On How to stop gambling addiction

Being addicted to gambling is a very trick situation, not only for the
gambler, but also for those people who are close to him or her. How to stop
gambling addiction is the most demanding part. In regard here are 5 Tips on How to stop gambling addiction:

1. Make a decision to stop gambling, even it is for that day. If it is online use web filters to limit the access of the site

2. Look for counseling from a specialist

3. Seek out help in any support group… Gambling
problems can be addressed in support
groups related to gambling addiction, and this can be helpful to you.

4. When you feel that you have to gamble
again, take a few minutes to visualize what it felt like for you on your way
back from the casino.

5. There are some awesome free available books and courses on How to stop gambling addiction. Read them and apply the knowledge

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