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How To Avoid Separation Anxiety In Dogs

The separation anxiety in dogs in a serious and relatively common problem. If your dog does not stay calm when you leave him alone at home, destroy objects, bark and/or relieve himself within the home, in this post I will tell you why he behaves like this and what you can do to solve the problem.

The bond we have with our pets is very strong. For them, we are their leaders and they do not want to leave us for a minute. When we go to work, to make the purchase or to the gym, we can notice that the animal behaves strangely, you may even hear the barking or crying from the street.

Since the dogs are relatives of the wolves and their nature indicates to them that it is better to live in herds, when they are alone they feel depressed, stressed and anxious. That’s why they can break furniture, bite objects, do their needs where they should not.

Pay attention to these tips to prevent separation anxiety in dogs:

Take it for a walk

Before going to the office you can take a light walk with your pet so that they get tired a little and spend their energy. That way he will not be so awake during the day and will calm down.

Do not forget to leave a good amount of water and food to recover from the morning exercise. The idea is that while you are not at home the dog should be in “sleep” mode.

Meets a routine

Before leaving home, do more or less the same things: take the keys, turn off the lights, raise the blinds.

In this way, the dog will associate these actions with your departure and will be more prepared. This ritual is advisable every time we leave home.

Do not give too much importance

Many people make the mistake of getting too close to their pets, talking to them, kissing them and spoiling them a few minutes before leaving. However, this is not good for the animal, since it relates to separation.

Therefore, make him understand that it is a normal and routine situation. Nothing to say “be good, come back, do miss me, take care of the house” and all those things that we usually express.

Say goodbye in advance

This means that, for example, if you wake up until you leave, one hour passes, you will have to greet him and play with him about 20 minutes before leaving. This way you will show how much you want it but you will not think that you abandon it.

Nothing will happen if you leave without saying goodbye.

Put aside feelings of guilt

Once you have everything ready to leave home, block those negative feelings that make you look like an evil person for leaving your dog alone. No nerves, sadness, worry or guilt.

Remember that you are the one in control and in this relationship. A calm leader brings peace to the pack.

Accept it little by little

A good way to avoid separation anxiety is for the animal to go through an adaptation stage. In this, the dog will be alone more and more time so he can get used to it.

For example, you can start by going around the block, then have a coffee, after shopping, and so on until you reach the 8 or 10 hours that your work consumes.

Relax when you return home

When we open the door after a busy day, the first thing we see is a little tail moving with happiness, some jumping, and barking. But even if it costs you, you must wait until the dog calms down before greeting you.

Otherwise, you will think that you are in favor of their behavior.

We must also be aware of their needs so that they do not become a focus of stress and anxiety. This is how anxiety in the dog is avoided.