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How To Eliminate Dogs Fleas Naturally

Having dogs at home often brings unwanted visitors that do not only affect our pets but also ourselves. In addition, they can cause disease in both animals and people. That is why they must be prevented from forming them into your home. Discover here the best natural dog flea treatment that can be done right through your place.

Home Remedies for Fleas

If your dog has fleas, this horrible animal with many legs that clings to the skin and feeds on its blood, you can eliminate it with a natural method. Fleas usually stay behind the ears, around the anus or in the nape of the neck, where hair and hair cover them and the dog will not bother them. Every time your pet comes back from outside, you have to “check” that no fleas have caught on. Do so also if you see that he is constantly scratching or trying to do so in the areas we have discussed above.


Prepare a tea with some flowers of this plant (or put a sachet in a cup), let cool, soak a cotton and apply it on the dog’s skin, especially on critical areas. The parasites will begin to “flee” the animal. Then, disinfect the house well so as not to keep traces of these damned ticks.

Natural Home Repellant Spray

A good home repelling can be done using any citrus fruit you have available, such as orange, lemon, mandarin or grapefruit (the first two being most recommended). Put half a liter of water to boil and add the citrus fruits cut into slices. When the mixture boils, let it boil a minute and then lower the heat to a minimum, which you will leave for an hour (be careful that the water does not evaporate). Allow to cool and pour into a sprayer. Apply the mixture to the dog’s coat, taking care not to put it in his eyes. With this preparation, you can also disinfect your home, especially the floors and corners.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple vinegar is very good for exterminating ticks. Mix two equal doses of vinegar and water, soak a cotton or a clean cloth, drain well and moisten the dog’s skin. You can substitute it for the last rinsing of the dog, after the bath.

Natural Spray Repellent

You can make an infusion of mint and pour into a sprayer. Spread the infusion over the dog’s coat without rinsing. To prevent their appearance, add yeast or garlic in small quantities to your pet’s diet so that the odors that emanate from it deter the fleas from staying.

In a separate container, mix a spoonful of apple vinegar and a spoonful of vodka. Add two drops of lavender essential oil, two drops of eucalyptus oil and possibly two drops of opoponax essential oil. Then a drop of cedar, geranium, rosemary, marjoram and lemongrass oil. Pour two drops of lemon juice and one cup of dehydrated mint. Mix well and pour over boiling water. Wait until the preparation cools, drain and put it in a bottle or sprayer. Then, moisten the dog as well as the whole house (furniture, floors, and walls).

If fleas have caused wounds or sores on the dog or cat ‘s skin, you can use calendula (healing) cream, gel or cream with aloe vera (moisturizing) and oil of lavender (protective).

You can also eliminate fleas (and ticks) by putting salt on carpets, floors and in the baskets of your animals. This will dehydrate and kill them quickly. To speed up the process, try to put containers containing water and 10 drops of liquid detergent. If they jump in to refresh, they will not be able to get out of it because of the greasy aspect of the mixture. To prevent dogs from becoming intoxicated, it is best to put this home remedy against fleas when we take them out for a walk or when we go on vacation. Thus, parasites will have no mammals to cling to.

As a final tip, do not neglect the feeding of pets so that they have a strong immunological system and can thus defend themselves against parasites that make them sick or cause anemia, embrittlement, fatigue, etc. by sucking the blood. Include in their diet ingredients that contain selenium, zinc and B vitamins.

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